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Here, you will find the major ministries listed of JWC with a short blurb about them, the leaders, and who they are geared for! Be sure to follow them on social or reach out to the leaders for more information. 



Children's ministry exists to bring children into age-appropriate worship where they can belong to the family of God, grow in their relationship with Christ, learn to serve and then share Christ in the world! We meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM and Sundays at 9:30 AM at the North Campus in the Green Room. If you want your kids involved in a service- THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE! If you love working with kids and would like to get involved find Zach or Crystal Marceaux at one of our services. 




This ministry is based on the 'Future Church' and is led by Bro. Charles and Sis. Lana Gotreaux. Their vision is to preach, practice, and produce disciples of the gospel in a youth-friendly setting. We strongly believe that the youth of today is the church of tomorrow. Their passion is seeing students grow in their relationship with God as well as coming out of their comfort zones, showing an outward proof of an inward faith. We enjoy game nights, youth rallies, and fun days. Go like us on Facebook to get a look into who we are and what we do! 



Children's Ministry
Youth Minstry

We are a group of young adults who love God as well as connecting to others. We literally bridge the gap between youth and adult services. Hyphen is a place for people to feel connected to and learn more about Jesus Christ. The main objective of our Hyphen group is to connect, equip, and empower young adults (18–30, unmarried) as they continue on into life. Led by Natalie Trahan, this is the greatest as well as the safest place to ask the hard questions about living for God in the in-between stage of life!

Young Adult



Hitched is a place for young married couples (10 minutes to 10 years) to connect with each other. In this group, we learn from each other and grow. It's great to do life with other couples that are diligently seeking after God and continually growing in their relationship with their spouse. Even though some of us are in different stages, we all learn something from one another. If you'd like to know when we meet- call the church or ask Eden Self at service!

Young Married


Young Married

 We welcome all men without judgment.  Through seasonal gatherings, healthy small groups, and dynamic serving opportunities, we aim to create a bond with one another. 

Before DC comics there were BC heroes. . . men of renown like Samson, like David, like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, like Daniel. These were not men created from the mind of a science fiction writer but rather men, real men, men of blood, sweat, and tears . . . men of hard work, rank odor, and real heart . . . MEN OF STILL. If you'd like more information, you can ask a hostess or contact Toby Bebee.




Women's ministry works together
to serve and support those in need. We strive to inspire, teach, and encourage each other in our walk with God. 
We meet 4 times a year for fellowship and fun. We also try to meet in between when possible. Contact any of the 4 leaders with any questions. If you'd like to connect to our Women's Facebook page, ask any one of our leaders and you will be added.




3D Christianity


If you wish to be a member or simply desire to know more about Him and His Word then this is the place for you.

3D Christianity is the Discipleship Track of the Jesus Worship Center. There are (4) classes in each of the 3 D's. The three D's are Discipleship, Doctrine, and Discipline. This is a syllabus driven class led by (12) different teachers. Each Sunday one class in each of the "3D's", is taught at JWC.


Anyone can attend!

Call the church or fill our the from on our home page to set up a meeting!



Celebrate Recovery ministry is to fellowship and celebrate God´s healing power in our lives through the "8 Recovery Principles." This experience allows us to be changed. We open the door by sharing our experiences, strengths, and hopes with one another. This is an anonymous group of adults recovering and doing life together.
Come and join Bro. Jeremy Lege on Mondays at 6:30 PM at the North Campus in the Green Room. 



3D Christianity
Celebrate Recovery


Our mission is to create an atmosphere of worship with singing and music so that the presence of God may flow freely. The Worship Team is a group of singers and musicians that have worked hard at refining their talents so that their worship is truly their best sacrifice to God and led by Eden Self. We believe that, above all else, you must be a worshiper to be on our team! 

We also have a kids praise team led by Eden Self (ages 4-11) and youth praise team led by Zach LeJeune(ages 12-18)! 

Hands Up


NURSERY.... it’s where we love to teach, worship, pray, have fun and get to know each and everyone one of your babies as one of our own.
They are very well taken care of while in the nursery by a group of lovely women that volunteer their time and love what they do.

The age range for Nursery is from 1 to 5 years of age and is led by Daphne LeJeune.

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